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Check out this Beautiful Phone!

CVD is excited to announce that the new P370 phone is officially available for your Digium VoIP phone system!

The P370 is elevated addition to our P-Series line of IP phones - tailored to executive users who demand a sleek desktop presence. It’s a completely touch-driven IP phone featuring a stunning 7.0” 1280 x 800 color IPS display, high-definition audio, and support for all of the system’s business applications.

Features include:

  • Call Log – Quickly scroll through all calls made from and received to your phone.

  • Conference Calls – Join several people together on one call easily at any time.

  • Contacts - Search for contacts/users or groups, created by the Contact Manager module, to call users easily.

  • DND – Do Not Disturb status for when you don’t want to be interrupted sends all calls directly to voicemail. You can set this for internal calls, external calls, or both.

  • Parking - See all parked calls on the system in a visual display and pick up the one you want!

  • Recording - On-demand recording allows the user to start and stop recording at any time by using a phone button.

  • Visual Voicemail - See who left you voicemails, along with timestamps and full control to skip and delete.

Give us a call today to upgrade your current desktop set, and don’t forget a wireless headset.


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