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Internet-Based Dial Tone (SIP)

Keep Your Phones. Reduce Your Bill. 

SIP telephone lines connect voice calls using your internet connection, and work with any phone system. This means you no longer need expensive monthly dial tone. Long distance charges become a thing of the past. 

This technology is completely secure and stable, and works with your existing telephone system - for about half the cost of your current phone service. With just a phone call, we can get you up and running with no disruption to your business. ​It's time to upgrade. 

The Benefits of Internet-Based Dial Tone


SIP gives you a recurring monthly savings of 50% to 85% compared to traditional phone lines. Long-distance is included (saving you even more). 


A common concern is that an internet outage will cause the phones to fail. In addition to our 99.99% up-time rate, SIP trunking has built-in redundancies for power outages or internet failures.   


Activate new lines, transfer calls to your cellular device, and more, with just one phone call.


By December 2019, over 68% of US businesses were using SIP trunks, including most Fortune 500 businesses. In 2020, that number is skyrocketing.  


SIP phone lines are so flexible, you can easily change the Caller ID and even area code on any of your lines. Your business can market to different areas with the credibility of a local area code.


Try SIP lines for one week with no interruption of service. If they're not for you, CVD will switch you back to your traditional lines.

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