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Keeping cables organized is one of the biggest challenges when working with server rooms and data centers. Proper organization is necessary to ensure that it’s easy to expand, reconfigure, and perform maintenance to your network.


Experience, technical knowledge, and attention to detail are especially important when it comes to the integrity of your network cables. Our customers trust us with their wire management projects, and you can too.   


Wire Management


Cable Trays
  • Run Wires Neatly  

  • Basket Cable Systems (allows

  • Solid Trays
    (for strong level of protection)

Patch Panels
  • Cat-3, Cat-5e, Cat-6, Fiber, and Coaxial 

  • Wide Range of Setups

  • Keep Cables Organized

  • Cables are Safe and Manageable

  • Open-frame 

  • Adjustable 

  • Cooling 

  • Horizontal Cable Managers 

  • Locked 

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