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Cable Management for Better Network Performance

Whether your office devices are wireless or wired, eventually there will be cables to manage.

What does your server room look like? A bundle of wires going all over the place, causing confusion and potential problems? Do you look at it and think, ‘if I touch any one of these, I’ll mess the whole system up?’

This may seem like an inconsequential issue, but is very much an integral part of ensuring the eventual productivity and working platforms of your network. Cable and wire management is often an overlooked aspect of a quality data network. Often, office personnel assume that cables merely need to be tucked out of sight. This is far from true; inadequate cable and wire management will eventually lead to a lot of problems and frustration, and often affects the quality of the delivery system being used.

Cable management is vital when faulty connections need to identified; when desks need to be moved around (and workers need to keep their extensions); when a phone system or other network device needs to be relocated. Without proper cable management, those tasks become all-day affairs, guessing connections and confusing systems or worse: causing the whole network to go down while cables are replaced.

Aside from ease of cable identification, one of the most significant benefits of cable management is that is promotes improved airflow, thus creating better delivery of high-level performance. With blockages and tangles, efficiency is dramatically reduced, causing network performance to be either disrupted or considerably staggered.

Messy cables are not just unsightly – they may be the weakest link of your entire data infrastructure. Let us help you and your IT department. You’ll be amazed how proper cable management improves your network’s performance.


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