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VoIP & SIP Explained.

Not everyone wants to learn about the latest internet and telephone technology - they just need it to work. But if you want to know more about VoIP & SIP, keep reading. Or just call us - that's what we're here for. 


Voice-over IP (VoIP) technology allows telephone calls to be made over local and wide-area networks, both public and private. VoIP converts analog voice signals into digital data packets and supports real-time, two-way transmission of conversations using Internet Protocol (IP).


Voice-over IP provides an alternative to traditional and digital phone communications. VoIP uses existing infrastructure, and internet and  intranet providers, which keeps the cost low while maintaining stability. 

Because the technology is always improving, our consultants and technicians are trained in these areas and regularly update their skill set to stay current.


Our goal is to give you the LEAST EXPENSIVE solution for your needs. We never sell you more than you need, and we will beat any competitor's pricing.

CVD offers a cloud-based, fully-hosted communication system starting at just $18.95/user per month.


If you prefer an on-premise solution, take a look at the Digium Switchvoxour best-selling VoIP telephone system.


A SIP Trunk provides the same service you get from a traditional analog phone line - and it works on your existing telephone system.


The difference is that instead of being a physical wire, a SIP Trunk is a “virtual” phone line. SIP technology uses your data circuit (T1, Cable Modem, DSL, Ethernet over Copper, etc.) to deliver phone service to your phone system.


Because there are no physical lines that need to be maintained with a SIP Trunk, and because of the lower price structure of VoIP, a SIP Trunk is considerably less expensive than traditional telephone service. 


Depending upon the types of calls and quantity of calls you are making, SIP Trunking can save you as much as 86% on your monthly bill. (See some of our customers' before-and-after phone bills here.) Not only is the price-per-line much less than traditional phone lines, there are no fees associated with SIP lines, and no long-distance charges! Another reason to consider SIP trunking is that it can provide DID and Caller ID services.


Contact us for more information and start saving today!

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