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Before-And-After Case Studies

Take a look at these actual customers' bills - then look at your own. 
Do all those taxes and fees look familiar? You won't see them on your SIP bill. 

Case Study #1 

Medical Specialist Office
(San Antonio)

Before: $ 1,047.61/month (AT&T)

After: $ 155.03/month (CVD SIP)

SAVINGS: $ 892.58/month

85% savings

85 savings 03.JPG
76 savings.JPG

Case Study #2 

Apartment Complex
(San Antonio)

Before: $ 370.80/month (AT&T)

After: $ 89.98/month (CVD SIP)

SAVINGS: $ 280.82/month

76% savings

Case Study #3 

Real Estate Office
(San Antonio)

Before: $ 253.21/month (Spectrum)

After: $ 89.98/month (CVD SIP)

SAVINGS: $ 163.23/month

64% savings

64 savings.JPG
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