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About Us

About Us

Since 1994, Commercial Voice & Data has been committed to providing quality telecommunication solutions in San Antonio and South Texas. 

We offer a wide variety of voice and data infrastructure solutions, and have the expertise to customize communications systems according to your specific needs. We offer all different types of telecommunication systems, from traditional PBX to hosted VoIP, so we can discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of each system type as it relates to your business. We don't try to push a system that won't fit with your work flow - and we never sell you more than you need. 

Our mission is to listen to our customer's specific needs and deliver expert solutions with value and integrity. 

Our Team Leaders

Along with our skilled technicians and office staff, our leaders work together to find the perfect communications solutions for your business. 

John Frye


IT Director

​(210) 824-5035 ext. 308

Jacinto Vazquez

Service Manager

Lead Technician

​(210) 824-5035 ext. 305

Ralph Murphy

Sales Manager

​(210) 824-5035 ext. 302

Desiree Frye

Office Manager

​(210) 824-5035 ext. 303

The Backstory

When we first opened our doors in 1994 under the name Commercial Telephone Installations, our focus was installing and servicing PBX telephone systems in San Antonio and South Texas.


But our expertise was never limited to phone systems. Back then, telephone technicians had to go through weeks of training to earn certifications on each phone system we serviced. Technicians also had to learn (and stay current with) the fundamentals and operational protocols of telephone service providers, because there were so many variables that the configuration of lines from 'the pole' could interfere with a phone system's functionality. And then there were analog devices that used phone lines, like postage machines, time clocks, and dial-up modems which also affected the phone system. Cabling has always been an integral part of the phone system installation as well. And not all offices are easy to cable - fixed ceilings and brick walls with limited access ensured that our technicians became adept at surveying offices and finding creative and efficient ways to get cables exactly where our customers needed them.  

The telephone systems were huge, complicated things the size of a small refrigerator. When a customer bought a new telephone system, our sales people (most of whom were former technicians themselves) held on-site training classes that sometimes lasted all day, just so employees could learn how to operate the phones.


Aah, those were the days.


As with all technology, telephone systems were constantly improving, and we stayed up-to-date with them. With every major update came more certifications and weeks of classroom time. The phone systems shrank in size but grew in features. The phones became more elegant and intuitive - better looking and easier to learn. Transitioning to a new phone system became easier and less disruptive.


As networks became more advanced, and telephone systems became integrated with them, we've mastered data networks as well. Modems, routers, conference bridges, network switches, gateways, IP address allocation...we've learned it all. Data management has become more relevant to telephony than traditional voice circuits. And we changed our name to reflect that.

We don't regret those years of learning, though, because we do occasionally have to fall back on some of that old knowledge, even when we're programming the very newest in communications technology. In fact, when we have to call a dial tone provider to troubleshoot a problem on behalf of a customer, we almost always know more about their technology than they do. (And not just a little bit more, either - a lot more.) 


And now, Voice over Internet Protocol has changed the face of telephony. When it first came out in the late 90's, the technology was exciting and promising, but there were occasional issues with the infrastructure. By the early 2000's, though, the technology was becoming more consistent and reliable. Now, VoIP is rock-solid, and the obvious choice for businesses. We like to say that it's not a question of if you're going to move to a fully-hosted VoIP system, it's when.


Even before the events of 2020, at least 65% of American business were using some form of VoIP, including all the major companies you've heard of. The rush to convert to hosted VoIP phone systems has been compared to the gold rush, and experts believe by the end of 2020, more than 80% of telecommunications will happen in the cloud.     

We readily acknowledge that this industry is defined by change. We're proud to say that we've never stopped learning, and that we're as current today as the day we opened our doors. First-hand experience with technological growth in the communications field has made us extremely good at troubleshooting and problem solving.

We've been serving San Antonio and South Texas since 1994. We love this community, and we're proud to serve it.

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