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Feng Shui for the Home Office

Since COVID changed the rules of doing business, CVD has been busy setting up home offices all over San Antonio and South Texas. Some small business owners have contacted us to relocate their entire business to their home, with satellite offices in their employees’ homes. Other customers have asked us to set up remote office stations that can be used in addition to their business office. This includes voice and data cabling, WiFi configuration, equipment installation (fax, printer, routers, security cameras), and of course VoIP telephones. Whatever you need, we’ll get you up and running – just give us a call.

A few of our customers have inquired about the ancient Taoist practice of feng shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’). Ever eager to learn new skills, we put on our research caps to see what we could find out.

Firstly, we learned that the word “feng” means wind, and “shui” means water. So, feng shui means “wind water,” and it’s primarily about achieving the right energy in your workspace. Here is some basic information that we learned. Feng Shui combines five elements, colors, and cardinal directions to achieve maximize the flow of beneficial chi (energy). Balance and harmony are paramount.



The principle of five elements is important to the concept of feng shui. All five of the elements correspond with a certain color. Some of the elements will use more than one color. The best way to utilize these elements is to open your space to more happiness.


Earth represents being stable and nourishment; it also represents protection for your relationships. It can be used in the northeast, southeast and center areas of your space. The earth element colors are beige and yellow.


Metal represents being precise and clear; it also represents exactness and being efficient. You can live with clarity and light. It can be used in the west, north and northwest areas of your space. The metal element is ideal for your home or business. The metal element colors are white and gray.


Wood represents and provides energy for health and vitality; it also represents abundance, wealth and prosperity. The wood element is also good for use in the south. The wood element colors are brown and green.


Fire represents high energy and passion; it provides energy to things that are career related. It will also provide assistance to have you recognized in your achievements. This element resides in the south, northeast and southwest areas of your space. The fire element colors are red, orange, purple, pink and strong yellow.


Water represents easiness, abundance and freshness; it also represents calm and purity. Water represents abundance. The water element colors are blue and black.



Black is the color of mystery, strength, and protection. If you’re trying to attract career opportunities, it can be used in the north area of your office space.


The color brown is used in the east, southeast and the south. The energy from this color provides plenty of nourishment. It can be associated with different foods and drinks, such as chocolate and coffee. Brown can also be used for the common areas of your home.


Green represents revival and a fresh start. It provides nourishment and keeps peace in your life. When incorporated with feng shui, you should use different versions of green, instead of just one. You can use plants that have fresh foliage. Green is also known to provide healing. It can be used more so in the south, east and southeast areas.


The color red contributes to the fire element to provide energy. Fire can be considered as a creative aspect and a destructive aspect. Fire is a symbol for sun and life and energy that comes from it. Red also represents passion, courage, and celebration. Too much red is thought to provoke anger and excessive stimulation.


Orange has been nicknamed the “social” color. Orange is responsible for providing the energy from feng shui to engage in spirited conversations and to have good feelings in your home/office. Since orange is considered a soft and warm color, it is easy to incorporate with feng shui.


This color is considered to be very strong, and has a relationship with the spirit. It is not recommended for use on the wall. Practitioners caution moderation with purple. A good way for the color purple to be implemented is to use the feng shui crystal amethyst.


The color of love is pink. It can also be used to keep the energy calm. It also works to quiet the heart and provide it with lots of love. The combination of pink and green represents activity.


The color yellow reminds people of the sun. It can brighten up any space and provides an inviting atmosphere. If you have a dull looking room, using the color yellow will provide it with lots of light. Yellow is believed to provide self-esteem.


Noble gray is a shade of gray that is considered a little more upbeat than the regular color. It is associated with clear focus, and represents the energy of the metal element.


In feng shui, white stands for quietness and innocence. It also stands for beginnings and endings. It has a clean and fresh focus. It is associated with healing, and is believed to provide possibilities never explored before, along with a promising future.


Blue represents the clear skies and waters. It can also be used as a color for ceilings. It’s been note that students did better in their studies when they have a blue ceiling. For harmony, a light blue color would work well. For peace and quiet, a dark blue color would work better. Blue and white colors can be combined to provide energy.



Whether you employ the teachings of feng shui or not, it is an interesting area of research, and many of the ideas have indisputable merit (keep your area tidy and add plants, for example).

If you’re looking to attract wealth and abundance to your home office using feng shui, here are some ways to incorporate it:

  • Always sit with a solid wall behind your back. Avoid sitting with a window behind you. You should not have a wall facing you while you’re at your desk working or when you come into the office.

  • Keep your office uncluttered. When you remove clutter, you are able to provide positive and fresh energy. Your home office will also be healthier as a result. Having clutter represents confusion and indecisiveness.

  • Have air-purifying plants in your home office. This will help supply you with a fresh quality of air and it will also increase the amount of oxygen generated in that area.

  • The entry door to your home office should be free of obstruction. If there is obstruction, such as a table behind the door, the chi will not operate correctly.

  • In order to enhance the presence of chi, feng shui practitioners will install a hanging crystal in their home office.

  • Your home office should be a good distance from your bedroom.

  • Your home office should be about productivity. The colors of your home office should reflect that.

  • The copy machine should not be near the main entry door.

  • Have favorite pictures of you and your loved ones in your line of sight while working. This can motivate you to work harder, but also remind you that there are more important things than work.

  • Consider installing a small indoor fountain. It is relaxing and will help your work flow.

  • Keep your desks and surrounding areas clutter free.

  • Pay attention to the kind of light that you are using in your home office. You should use both natural and artificial lighting. You will not be able to function properly if you don’t have enough natural light. You should also think about getting other type of lights, such as full-spectrum lights. These lights are similar to the natural light spectrum and they have been branded as healthier to use.


Feng shui practitioners believe that these principles will help your business to thrive and grow in prosperity and abundance.

I hope you’ve found this information enlightening. Many of our customers have incorporated some of these teachings without even realizing it!

Whatever you do, please remember that we are here to help with all of your voice and data needs – at the office and at home. Call or email anytime.


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